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This is hands down one of the hottest and horniest mothers we’ve yet to come across! How a mother of three looks like this we’ll never know, but who pumping cares! cheating milfs Watch as we stick it to her harder than her husband ever will. Once again the beach provides us with one hell of a lay.

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About That Vagina Tombstone

Fiona Wilde is a staff writer and commentator for and a published author of erotic novels for Blushing Books. Fiona comes from a background as a journalist for a large daily newspaper, but moved into erotica after mainstream media could not pay enough to keep her an honest woman. Her columns can be found on and her novels are widely available on

Well happy Day-After-Halloween, everybody! I’d intended to write a column about all the kick-ass costumes I saw this season, including the one I debated not wearing when my friend Blackwell termed it a “physics disaster waiting to happen.”

What a buzzkill, right?

Blackwell totally put me off writing about Halloween duds, but as it turns out he did me a favor since while searching for another topic I ended up deciding to comment on that vagina tombstone we recently told you about.

It seems that over in Serbia, 74-year-old Milena Marinkovic wanted to make sure her husband Milan, 75, remained faithful to her even after she was gone. So as a permanent reminder of the best part of their marriage, she left instructions that a likeness of her vagina be carved into her headstone.

Milan must have really loved his wife, because the faithful widower set out to find a stonecutter willing to immortalize his wife’s well-used snatch. He even provided photos she’d left to assure that the etching would be accurate. But finding someone willing to do the carving was easier said than done. Serbian stonecutters are apparently a conservative lot and most of them turned down the job, citing blasphemy.

For crying out loud, guys. Lighten up. It’s not like she asked that a shovel be placed by the grave with a sign saying “For a Good Time, Dig Here”. Now that would have been blasphemous. But a tasteful likeness of her yawning vag? That’s not blasphemous. That’s adorable!

The faithful widower finally found a cooperative stonecutter, and it turns out the fuss was really over nothing. Most people wouldn’t even be able tell that the carving was a likeness of Milena Marinkovic’s stone cold pussy unless they were looking for it. To me it looks more like a sad, hairy trilobite. But in her defense that lady was 74, and if an elderly woman can take a picture of her snatch and still be proud, then she deserves a lot more than modest etching of her clam carved in stone. She deserves a fucking monument in the town square.

Ladies, if you’re looking for a role model then you can find her Serbia, buried six feet under an etching of her pussy. So take that, haters.

I can only hope that when it’s Milan’s time to kick the bucket he’ll have his cock immortalized the same way. What guy wouldn’t want to think that his prick could stay hard for eternity? I’m sure his late wife would approve. And I could totally see him doing something like that. Milan Marinkovic is hardly shy if he talked to the press about his wife’s last wishes, right?

But maybe it was for the sake of memories. Maybe it was just one more way that naughty minx of his could scandalize the community. The community will talk about this for years, and Milan likely knew how much Milena liked it when her pussy set tongues wagging.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go modify my will, which will now instruct my survivors to put a large stone beaver on my grave. Anyone who ever mattered to me will get the joke.

Fiona Wyle is a columnist and Sssh will be on Peeperz for fun times again in the near future, meanwhile why not check us out:

Secret Masturbation (And A Contest!)

by VERONICA BENCH on October 31, 2012

Post image for Secret Masturbation (And A Contest!)

I’ve been thinking lately about how incessantly horny I was as a teenaged girl and how hard it was to satisfy myself in my up-tight household with no privacy. It was a quiet house and my parents always seemed to be lurking nearby, cleaning, or blatantly eavesdropping.

So I got in the habit of getting myself off in closets or under piles of laundry. Or in the bathroom with the door locked, biting down hard on a towel. Anyplace where no one could see my hands or hear my teen chimp noises. That, or I’d subtly touch myself in broad daylight with a book over my lap, straining not to let my face warp with pleasure.

I’m all grown up now but I still like to masturbate in secret. In my cubicle at the office, I’ll squeeze my thighs or pinch my tits a little. I’ll lean a stapler onto my crotch and kind of rock onto it. I’ll go on like that until I can’t stand it anymore, then rush to a bathroom stall, reach in my panties and go wild.

So I’m wondering, Peeperz readers, where and how you masturbate in secret?

Veronica included this hot Twistys’ babe rubbing her hot wet pussy, which inspired in us an idea for a little contest: Tell Veronica your secret masturbation story and the best one will win one of these sets of t-shirts and photos SIGNED by a Twistys’ babe:

Young horny brunette teen rubs her tight wet pussy in her shower brought to you by PornHub

Thai girl in thong with huge tits Sun Lee

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Hurricane Sex! Stormy Weather, Sex Study, Craigslist, & More!

Post image for Hurricane Sex! Stormy Weather, Sex Study, Craigslist, & More!

Hurricane Sandy is a bitch, if I ever met one. Natural disasters are no laughing matter, especially when “death toll” becomes one of the top Google searches of the day, but amidst all the carnage and destruction you find people… people with a will to live… people who will use any good excuse to get laid.

I’ve never had sex in a hurricane. Then again, I’ve never been in a hurricane. I can tell you though, that a little rain and thunder has never stopped me from getting it on. Actually, there’s something about the inherent dangers of a storm that grabs my kinky side by the balls and yanks it out to the front of the line for a little play time. And I’m not the only one.

There’s something about imminent danger that brings out the “let’s all fuck like rabbits until we die” vibe out of everyone with a pulse. “It could just be a matter of there’s nothing else to do except sit around and watch the rain, so why not get it on? Why not have some sex?” Stephanie Buehler, California sex therapist,  said in a phone interview with Esquire.

Of course, human beings are a complicated bunch, so there’s always a little more to the story, especially when it comes to sex. Buehler, thinks, and I agree, that there’s a physical connection between sex and danger.

“If something dangerous is brewing, people do get heightened senses at those times, and I wonder if because if they have heightened senses they feel aroused, and that arousal leads them to think this might be a good time to have a partner.”

Whether it’s heightened senses that are to blame or some sort of biological imperative to live and procreate that takes over our libidos when danger is near, the fact remains that when a storm’s a hitting don’t come a knocking – – unless you want to join the party.

This urge to have sex during times of bad weather is so common that according to a study performed by Trojan last June, 70% of Americans have gotten down and dirty during cases of extremely bad weather. In fact, the same study revealed that “people have sex more often and with greater satisfaction when it is hot and it rains” and that “7% of Americans have had sex during a hurricane.”

Like I said, I’ve never had sex in a hurricane, because I’ve never been in a hurricane, but there have been a few memorable fuck sessions that have taken place during stormy weather. I can remember one particular time when my (then) boyfriend and I took a little stroll in the city and found ourselves a nice comfy spot behind some trees in a park so we could make sweet sweet love to each other while the lightning struck and the thunder cracked over our heads. It wasn’t smart, but it was fun as hell.

Earlier this week, folks were watching Hurricane Sandy makes its way up the East Coast and they got the same idea. While some people were busy hitting up Google to check if any of their loved ones had made the list of the dead, others turned their minds towards Craigslist. A couple hours into the storm and the popular classified ads were already filled to the brim with pervs looking for some casual hurricane relief:

Male Nudist Seeking Female Hurricane Snuggle Bunny – m4w – 59 (Upper West Side)

59 year old nudist who loves snuggling would love to have a voyeur snuggle friend to ride out the storm with. Photo upon request.

Or from my favorite Internet creep:

“Shelter from the Storm” PhotoShoot for Cool Female Model (Flatiron

Photographer / Producer is offering shelter from the storm in midtown / Flatiron studio for female model (or models) who may need to evacuate and / or want to take advantage of this the indoors to do a variety of photoshoots while the storm passes. Why not take advantage of the time and produce some cool and creative images while Sandy passes us by!

We’ve a lot of good props to get creative with, especially guitars, so it’s a plus if you’re a rock n roll girl, sing, or play some music. There’s a sofa-bed for you to crash in, and food, so if interested get here while it’s still possible! For immediate consideration please send 2 photos (include full body) and you info and if you want to see my port, can get back to you with that as well,

Here’s hoping Hurricane Sandy left all you Peepz safe and sound, and that none of you had to trade in sexual favors for shelter. Make sure to leave your hurricane sex stories in the comment sections to entertain and turn us on.

Via and – By @misslolabyrd!

Sexy Celeb Babe’s Slutoween Costumes

by Bucky Beall on October 30, 2012

Post image for Sexy Celeb Babe’s Slutoween Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow night but the adult version, Slutoween, has been going on for at least the past week. The children’s version of the holiday has kids trick-or-treating for candy in costumes, the grown up equivalent consists of abusing drugs and alcohol at parties and clubs while dressed as idiots (the men) or as prostitutes (women).

I’m sure we’ll have more to share with you before the week is over but we’ve put together five pics of celeb babes in Slutoween costumes and we need your help to determine which is the hottest (so far).

Check out the hotties and at the end of the post is a poll to vote which famous sexy chick’s costume gets you most fired up:

1. Adrianne Curry As Leeloo from The Fifth Element 

2. Katy Perry as a Vampire:

3. Courtney Stodden as a Unicorn

4. Christina Aguilera as a Fat Scary Drunk Whorish Monster 

 5. Paris Hilton as Pocahontas 

Loading ... Loading …

Via &

Masturbation Roll

by Bucky Beall on October 29, 2012

Post image for Masturbation Roll

Peeperz presents to you the best sites on the entire internet:

On Rihanna’s Bedroom Wizardry & Its Three Truths Read – Smoking Section

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Emma Watson Drunk Blowjob Pic – CelebJihad

 Celebrity Babe Halloween Collection!! – TheNipSlip

Candace Bailey New Media Rock Stars – Laxtime

Jennifer Aniston’s DEEP Cleavage at an Event – BoobieBlog

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Sexy Celeb Babes –

Hottest Chicks on the Net – LetThereBePorn

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Robin Williams Stand Up Bit On Porn

Post image for Robin Williams Stand Up Bit On Porn

I take it comedian Robin Williams is a porn fan, as he lovingly discusses it in a chunk of his stand up act:

He definitely has some criticisms he uses to poke fun at porno with, but they’re the familiar ones: like the scripts, the acting, and what’s up with full length adult features when you just need to blow a load? For long porn movies I personally think it’s great they’re out there. If I need to bust right away I just go to Pornhub and find a hot five-minute scene and do my business, but if I’m horny, bored, and have some to kill I’ll pop on a full length porn parody to get some entertainment along with my nutbusting.

As for the scripts, and the job of writing them, I emailed this clip to some pro writers of fuck films I know and they explained it’s pretty damn challenging as there’s always the pressure to not repeat what is in every other porno. LETS SEE YOU TRY IT ROBIN WILLIAMS (I’m going to challenge him on Twitter to write a porno script, I’ll let you know if he gets back to us).


Tiny fetish girl in thong Annie Violet in slingshot bikini

Hot Asian girl in thong Annie Violet shows off her Asian swag with her tiny Asian girl body and sling bikini, and of course, her big black boots. Hot Asian girl in thong Annie Violet is a mixed Taiwanese, Chinese, Vietnamese beauty with amazing Asian teen style. This tiny girl in thong goes to all the comicon events and adult modeling shows.

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Women Taking Control Leads To Better, Safer, Sex – Science!

by RICK RODAY on October 26, 2012

Post image for Women Taking Control Leads To Better, Safer, Sex – Science!

While funny, charming and somewhat intelligent for someone closing in on 30 with a DIY Mohawk, I’m not particularly smooth. I lack the misogyny and predatory instincts that define conventional male gender roles in sexual encounters. Thankfully, the idea of gender roles in this day and age is on the way out and I don’t have to coat myself in pungent body sprays to pretend to be someone I’m not. According to a bunch of feminist brain trusts, this might make me the perfect man. SUP, LADIES?

A study published in a recent edition of Sex Roles, a scholarly journal that focuses on gender issues in society, asserts that when women take control in approaching men in heterosexual encounters, everyone wins.

The research backing this assertion was conducted at Yale, where scientists asked 357 women and 126 men about their sexual interactions. What they discovered is that the conventional, gender-defined setup where men approach and pursue women was a less ideal situation as far as sexual satisfaction and practicing safe sex.

The research indicated that when women take control sexually, both parties felt more confident in the bedroom. Additionally, participants who confirmed a preference for female driven sexual encounters were more likely to take condoms on their way out of the interview. This would strongly indicate that women becoming the sexual hunters it results in better, safer sex for everyone involved.

If you’re a man and youre just so alpha that you can’t help being the straw that stirs the sexual coffee, by all means don’t try and be someone you’re not – just be sure you acknowledge your partners’ needs and to keep everything safe. Keep in mind, however, that when a confident woman approaches you and asks for a little bit of your time, science would suggest that it would be worth your while to sit back and let her take control. Fuck yeah, science!