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Hey Now! Welcome to another broadcast on Peeperz Radio, the radio show that is redefining how adult entertainment  is covered. Today’s guest is new to the adult industry but has the body, brains and passion to make big things come to life (Pun intended). She is the busty sultry Lacie James! Also tune in to our previous interviews with Desiree Deluca and her big bazookas as well as TS sensation Jesse Flores. Don”t forget all our interviews can be downloaded for free so load them onto you portable and desktop devices!

Lacie was born in the border town of the San Fernando Valley and nirvana…she grew up as a rock punker and rebelled her way in to the web cam sex trade then jumped into the world of adult film feet first with reckless abandon eventually working with the likes of  with Brazzers, Sweetheart Films, Reality Kings and Naughty America and she just completed the parody Zorro XXX.  IF she wasn’t in the adult industry she would be a trophy wife or even a radio talk show host.  She is currently single and is open to a loving relationship but believes in the jinx of “looking for love” could mean not finding it.

Although she is new to the business and is a young spring chicken at the age of 23, Lacie has the right team assembled and the right aspirational roadmap in front of her to make a big splash in the years to come. One look at her busty body and beautiful face and you might get hooked. By the way a Bob Dylan reference went way over Lacie’s head a sure sign that she is far too young and hip to have heard of Maggie’s Farm. Don’t hold that against her though, maybe hold something else against her instead. We wont say what. So check out this naughty newbie known as Lacie James. Tune in get turned on and see what the future of adult film looks, sounds and tastes like.

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Take a mosey through yummy-town in our Lacie James gallery below:

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Elvira’s Naughty Alter Ego Strips Down In Classic Nudie Pics

by Bucky Beall on October 31, 2011

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If I tell you we have naked full frontal nudes of Cassandra Peterson you probably won’t be too pumped. But if I tell you we have nudies of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, (and you like goths and horror movies) then we might just give you a Halloween boner.

Obviously we all know celebs are not the characters they play in movies and tv (except for reality tv, yes the cast of Jersey Shore are a bunch of idiotic, oozing, snatches, in real life) but in the case of Elvira, the movie monster hostess and star of two horror-comedy movies, most people forget she’s just a made up character because actress Cassandra Peterson usually only appears in public for interviews and promotions as Elvira, but there is a real woman behind the vampy outfit and black wig, and she’s a ginger hottie!

Believe it or don’t, Cassandra’s now 60, but in the 1980s in her prime she did some naughty naked pictures as her redheaded self. Today is the perfect day to dig them up, you fans of large tits, red hair, and big bushes (I know you pubic hair lovers are out there, Bucky might like his snatches smooth but he knows you bush lovers read the site) are in for no trick, it’s treat time.

You can click on the thumbnails below for the full sized photos:


Grow Your Own Naughty Looking Chillies

by Lola Byrd on August 4, 2011

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Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Give the gift that keeps on giving; a chilli willy growing kit. Not only will your partner in crime have the opportunity to grow themselves a chilli pepper that looks like an uncut penis, but they will also be able to spice up their cuisine while having a good laugh.

Who doesn’t like a good spicy dish and vegetables that look like penises? Nobody, I tell you. Even your 80 year old grandma will get a kick out of these. You don’t even have to tell her she’s growing willy chillies. Make it a surprise and see if she figures it out. If she does you’ll know your granny is familiar with uncut dick. Make sure to ask your grandpa if she got the information from him.

Even if you don’t have any interest in growing your own chilly willies you should check out the video. It has to be the most bizarre thing I’ve seen all year. It will leave you doubled over in laughter. Scouts honor. From this day forth every time you’ll get a hankering for something spicy you’ll ask yourself if you’re really craving some uncut penis.

Check out the hilarious video: