Video: Bare Breasted Walk For Women’s Rights

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Fideelia, a prolific multi-media artiste, decided to make a point about women’s rights. She made that point by taking a bare breasted 161km walk through Estonia while being followed by a film crew.

At one point, she was taken into police custody even though there is no law on the book making it illegal for chicks to walk around in public without shirts. Apparently, some douchy governor saw her through his window and wasn’t too impressed. Fideelia was held in the police station for two hours before being let go pending an investigation.

The reactions where mixed: from complete strangers emailing her for a date to being disrespected as an artist. One female viewer even went as far as saying the status quo should remain as is and that there’s nothing to be done about it; the underlining message we shouldn’t do anything about it.

It’s astonishing to me that women can’t walk around topless when men do it all the time, especially when you consider that we see boobs on a daily basis, but I guess that’s the problem, because every single image of a bare breasted chick is sexualized, so it’s jarring too see bare tits in good ol’ regular circumstances like at the grocery store.

Highlights from the video are:

Haha, I love that some random construction worker just shrugged and asked his buddy if it was too hot for clothes. Pretty sure American construction workers would have leered. Oh, and the woman who asked her why she was naked. Answer: “because I felt hot,” and the lady walked away like nakedness was a contagious disease. Priceless!

Here’s part of her artist statement, for more info visit Fideelia’s blog:

The goal of this work was to test how gender equality works in practice and to point out grey areas in the law. I made a long-lasting performance, where I walked 161 km bare breasted and monitored people’s reaction on my way. Everybody was calm until I spent longer time in a small town Väike-Maarja, where the TV news filmed me in front of the Municipality Government building. Governor saw me from his window and called police. I didn’t get punishment but police stated I still had violated public space. In Estonia we haven’t got law against bare breasted women in public space. Arresting me was violation of Gender Equality Act. I have complained to The Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner.

Check out the boob-a-licious video:

Angst – Bare Breasted Walk for Women’s Rights from Fideelia-Signe Roots on Vimeo.

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